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South Korea chooses new president with inequality key concern******


A woman casts her vote in the presidential election at a polling station in Seoul on March 9.

South Koreans were at the polls electing a new president on Wednesday with economic inequality a top concern, especially among young swing voters.

Polling booths opened at 6am (9pm GMT) and record early voting indicates turnout will be high after a campaign dominated by mud-slinging between liberal Lee Jae-myung and conservative Yoon Suk-yeol.

The pair, who are both so unpopular local media have branded it the "election of the unfavorable," have been neck-and-neck in the polls for months. Some 90 percent of the electorate supports one or the other.

In South Korea, presidents serve just a single term of five years, and every living former leader has been jailed for corruption after leaving office.

Yoon has already threatened to investigate outgoing President Moon Jae-in, citing unspecified "irregularities."

The two parties are ideologically poles apart, and analysts say the key question is whether voters will kick out Moon's dovish Democratic Party and usher in a new hawkish, fiscally conservative regime under opposition People Power Party's Yoon.

"What the country needs right now is change," 71-year-old Hong Sung-cheon told AFP at a polling station in southern Seoul. "We cannot go on like this."

However, younger swing voters are likely to prove decisive, analysts say, and their top concerns are skyrocketing house prices in the capital Seoul, domestic inequality and stubborn youth unemployment.

"Young voters are not loyal to any particular political party and thus can't be defined by liberal-conservative ideology," said Shin Yul, political science professor at Myongji University.

"Turnouts and choices by those in their 20s will have a significant bearing on the outcome," Shin added.

Both leading candidates have promised to build millions of new homes, although the left-leaning Lee relies more on public housing and conservative Yoon on market-led solutions to the crisis.

"I'm really worried about housing prices in Seoul and I hope the new president will focus on making people's lives easier and better," Park Ki-tae, 38, said.

Newcastle United manager Bruce leaves club******

LONDON, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce has left his position by mutual consent, confirmed the English Premier League club on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, a Saudi-led consortium completed the 305-million-pound (about 420 million U.S. dollars) takeover of the club and Bruce's future has been doomed as the Magpies haven't won any game in the Premier League this season.

During his charge of the team in more than two years, Bruce led the Magpies to 13th and 12th-place finishes in the Premier League.

"Newcastle United would like to place on record its gratitude to Steve for his contribution and wishes him well for the future," read the statement released by the club.

"I am grateful to everyone connected with Newcastle United for the opportunity to manage this unique football club," said Bruce.

"This is a club with incredible support, and I hope the new owners can take it forward to where we all want it to be. I wish everyone the very best of luck for the rest of this season and beyond," added the 60-year-old English.

Newcastle United lost to Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 on Sunday, collecting only three points from eight Premier League matches so far.

The club has appointed assistant coach Graeme Jones to lead the team on an interim basis, starting with Saturday's trip to Crystal Palace.

"The process of recruiting a new head coach is under way and an appointment will be announced in due course," said the club. Enditem

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亚马逊云科技在中国区域上线机器学习新服务******5月11日,亚马逊云科技宣布通过与光环新网和西云数据的紧密合作在中国区域进一步落地多项人工智能与机器学习的新服务和功能,丰富了其针对不同企业需求而打造的人工智能与机器学习 (AI/ML)工具集。


5月11日,在完全托管的机器学习服务Amazon SageMaker落地中国区域一周年之际,亚马逊云科技宣布通过与光环新网和西云数据的紧密合作在中国区域进一步落地多项人工智能与机器学习的新服务和功能,丰富了其针对不同企业需求而打造的人工智能与机器学习 (AI/ML)工具集。亚马逊云科技针对不同需求的客户在机器学习技术堆栈三个层面提供广泛而深入的机器学习服务,包括顶层-人工智能服务、中间层-机器学习服务以及底层-框架和基础架构。

在人工智能(AI)服务层面,亚马逊云科技在北京区域推出了Amazon Personalize,客户无需具备机器学习专业知识,即可方便、快速地构建个性化推荐系统;在中间层,将Amazon SageMaker在re:Invent 2020上亮相的包括Data Wranger、Feature Store、Pipelines等七项新功能在北京区域和宁夏区域上线,让客户可以更轻松地构建端到端的机器学习管道;在算力层面,亚马逊云科技在北京区域和宁夏区域推出了Amazon EC2 Inf1实例,该实例基于亚马逊云科技自研机器学习推理芯片Amazon Inferentia,与当前成本最低的基于GPU的实例相比,可以提高多达30%的吞吐量,并使每次推断的成本最高降低45%。

亚马逊云科技大中华区云服务产品管理总经理顾凡表示,“Amazon SageMaker落地中国区域一年以来,我们见证了中国各个行业各种类型客户积极应用亚马逊云科技服务进行机器学习创新,我们希望通过将更多服务落地到中国区域,并坚持‘授人以鱼不如授人以渔’,甚至更进一步‘扶上马,送一程’的方式,帮助客户更快应用机器学习技术,把机器学习的能力交到每一位构建者手中,加速人工智能和机器学习的普惠。”








4、与真正可以赋能的厂商合作, 牢牢把握住企业对数据和算法模型的所有权

·无需具备机器学习专业知识,即可通过Amazon Personalize构建个性化推荐系统

在人工智能服务层面,针对没有机器学习专业知识和能力的客户,亚马逊云科技提供开箱即用的人工智能服务。Amazon Personalize,一项用于构建个性化推荐系统的完全托管型机器学习服务,已在北京区域上线。开发人员无需具备机器学习专业知识,即可通过该服务训练、调整和部署自己定制的机器学习模型,构建个性化推荐系统,可用于产品推荐、个性化营销、个性化搜索和定制化直销等广泛的个性化推荐场景。

·打造包罗万象的AI/ML工具集,七项新功能让Amazon SageMaker更强大

作为亚马逊云科技机器学习服务层面的核心产品,Amazon SageMaker是业界首个面向机器学习开发者的集成开发环境,它消除机器学习过程中的繁重工作,使客户能专注于自身的业务和应用创新,在提高客户工作效率的同时还大幅降低机器学习的总体拥有成本。去年12月在亚马逊云科技全球大会re:Invent 2020上刚刚亮相的七项 Amazon SageMaker新功能,近期已经在北京区域和宁夏区域落地。

1.Amazon SageMaker Data Wranger,简化机器学习的数据准备工作。通过该功能,客户可以将各种数据存储中的数据一键导入。Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler内置了300多个数据转换器,让客户无需编写任何代码,就可以对机器学习用到的特征进行规范化、转换和组合。

2.Amazon SageMaker Feature Store,一个完全托管且专门构建的特征存储库,用于存储、更新、检索和共享机器学习特征。客户可以在其中存储和访问特征,以便更轻松地在各个团队中对其进行命名、共享和重复使用。

3.Amazon SageMaker Pipelines是业界首个针对机器学习专门构建、易于使用的持续集成和持续交付服务,通过编排和自动化提高机器学习工作的效率。借助该服务,用户可以大规模地创建、自动化和管理端到端机器学习工作流。

4.Amazon SageMaker Clarify让机器学习开发人员可以更好地掌控其训练数据和模型,从而识别和限制偏差并解释做出相关预测的原因。

5.Amazon SageMaker Distributed training libraries为训练大型深度学习模型和数据集提供了易用的方法,与现有分布式训练实现相比,以最高快 40% 的速度完成分布式训练,并且帮助用户减少手动实施数据并行和模型并行策略所需时间。

6. Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor帮助客户时刻保持机器学习模型的准确性,它能够自动检测生产环境中部署的模型,并在检测到不准确的预测时发出警报,从而帮助客户维护高质量的机器学习模型。

7.Amazon SageMaker Debugger,可以通过实时捕获训练指标,自动识别机器学习训练任务中正在出现的复杂问题,例如梯度值变得过大或过小等。它可以实时监控系资源(例如GPU、CPU、网络和内存等)的利用率,帮助用户提高资源利用率,对训练过程中的资源瓶颈进行告警,让开发者及时调度资源,快速采取纠正措施,减少时间和成本浪费。

·基于高性能机器学习推理芯片Amazon Inferentia的Amazon EC2 Inf1实例落地中国区域

在机器学习底层的框架和基础架构层面,亚马逊云科技全面提供基于各家芯片供应商的最新技术选项,提供从小到大多种配置,支持市面上流行的各种机器学习框架和算法。同时,为了不断给客户提供更好性价比的算力,亚马逊云科技自主设计芯片,推出了高性能机器学习推理芯片Amazon Inferentia。基于Amazon Inferentia的Amazon EC2 Inf1实例落地北京区域和宁夏区域,让中国区域客户又多一种云端高性能和更低成本机器学习推理的算力选择。



Some 27 people feared dead after blaze at Japan clinic******


Firetrucks and a police car are seen in front of an office building, where a fire broke out in Osaka on December 17, 2021.。

At least 27 people were feareddead after a fire swept through a psychiatry clinic in theJapanese city of Osaka on Friday, and media said police wereinvestigating suspected arson.。

Some 27 people were in cardiopulmonary arrest, an officialat Osaka's city fire department told Reuters, the term used inJapan before a death is officially confirmed. Another person wasinjured, the official said.。

Nine people were confirmed dead at the hospital, broadcaster TVAsahi said.。

Police were investigating suspected arson, including reportsthat a man started the fire in the building, Kyodo News said,citing people involved in the investigation.。

An elderly man brought in a bag that leaked flammable liquidand was ignited, the Yomiuri newspaper said. He was believed tobe a patient at the clinic, the Mainichi newspaper said.。

The fire broke out shortly after the clinic opened forbusiness at 10am (1am GMT) and it was largely extinguishedwithin 30 minutes, public broadcaster NHK reported.。

Video from NHK showed smoke pouring out of the windows ofthe fourth floor, where the clinic was located, as well as theroof of the multi-story office building. Footage later showedthe windows, blackened and charred.。

"When I looked outside I saw orange flames in thefourth-floor window of the building. A woman was waving herhands for help from the sixth-floor window," a 36-year-old womanwho works at a company nearby told Kyodo.。

Located in a shopping and entertainment district not farfrom Osaka's main train station, the building also houses abeauty salon, a clothes shop and an English-language school, NHKsaid.。

The father of a doctor who ran the clinic was not able toreach his son by mobile phone, he told the Yomiuri newspaper.。

"Around noon I heard there was news of a fire on televisionand was surprised. My wife went to the site but we still don'tknow what's going on. I can't get through to my son's phone."

The clinic's webpage was not accessible but an Internetarchive from earlier this year showed it treated patients fordepression and panic problems, as well as physical issues suchas sleep apnea and anemia.。




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